Adoption Readiness

Choosing a marketing platform such as Aprimo is an excellent first step that will help you be more productive and achieve better performance and results.  However, choosing a great tool does not guarantee adoption. For new tooling to be adopted and for the end users to get the most out of it, you will need to start planning and strategizing much before you initiate Activation project with Aprimo. There are several adoption readiness phases to recognize, and this article can help you confirm readiness for each of them.
Strategic Readiness
Before embarking on Activation journey for Aprimo, strategic readiness needs to be confirmed. By confirming strategic readiness you are establishing direction, objectives and goals for Aprimo platform and activation project having in mind original intent of selecting Aprimo and business problems it would help you solve. Here are some of the items to confirm strategic readiness:
  • Define & publish strategic vision & goals of Aprimo initiative.
  • Designate key stakeholders for this initiative & communicate clear roles & responsibilities.
  • Establish executive/steering committee to run through Activation and first 90 days after users have been on-boarded. Meet monthly and ensure risks are mitigated/ proper communication occurs with stakeholders.
  • Executive Sponsor communicates vision & goals of the initiative to the end user community via meeting, video and/or email.
  • Obtain clear support from each BU/Department lead.
  • Each BU/Department impacted by the rollout has a clear understanding of what their teams need to do to be successful to support initiative goals.
Once Strategic Readiness is confirmed, you can start preparing for Activation. Please read more about this in our next article - Preparing for Activation and Activation Readiness.
Operational Readiness
Once Aprimo tool is ready to go live and your Activation project is coming to an end, you will need to ensure that you have adequate support and measures in place to keep it operational going forward. That is what following operational readiness indicators can help you confirm:
  • Support model/Aprimo governance model established
  • System Administrator(s) has obtained Aprimo Certification & understands configuration of your solution
  • Aprimo Administrator(s) have been setup in ServiceNow/Aprimo Voice
  • System Administrator(s)/IT Dept. understand deployment plan
  • System setup to track user reported user issues post go live –process, training, system
  • End User survey setup and ready to send 45-60 days post go live to monitor end user adoption
  • End User Focus Group established (6-8 representative end users to meet quarterly and provide feedback regarding adoption and areas of opportunity)

End User Readiness
Before you roll out new Aprimo tool to end users, make sure you confirm these end user readiness items:
  • Each user has a clear understanding of the vision for this initiative and the benefits they and the overall organization will receive.
  • Role-based training provided for each end user according to Training Plan.
  • Support model communicated to end users – where to go for help.
  • Training content located in accessible location.
  • Day 1 activities prepared & communication model in place for end users (enter 2021 plans, enrich metadata, begin entering commitments, etc.).
  • Lunch n’ Learn/Office Hours series defined and communicated to end users to reinforce formal training provided.